Volta Basin Authority (VBA)
Volta BAsin Authority (Benin-Burkina Faso-Côte d'Ivoire- Ghana-Mali-Togo)

News The Regional Centre for Integrated River Basin Management (RC-IRBM) on exchange and work visit to the Volta Basin Authority (VBA).

The Volta Basin Authority (VBA) received a delegation of the Regional Centre for Integrated River Basin Management (RC-IRBM) for an exchange and work session at the Head Office in Ouagadougou, on 25 and 26 October 2016. The CR-IRBM is a Category 2 centre of Unesco, based in Kaduna  - Nigeria.

The purpose of the mission headed by Dr. A. Waheed ALAYANDE, acting Coordinator for Research and Networking, was to establish a link with the VBA and explore opportunities for collaboration between the two institutions.

After the opening addresses by Dr. A. Waheed ALAYANDE, Head of the delegation and Dr. Charles BINEY, Acting Executive Director of VBA, stating their respective missions and agenda, the two institutions affirmed their interest to collaborate for the promotion of Integrated Transboundary Water Resources Management for ensuring food security, ecosystem protection and accelerating regional integration.

To this effect, the two parties agreed on cooperation terms related to research, institutional capacity building, networking and sharing of knowledge and information between the staffs of the VBA and RC-IRBM. Therefore, the effectiveness of this cooperation shall be materialized through the implementation of the techincal Cooperation project approved by the two parties, i.e. updating the prevailing environmental and hydrometeorological situations of the Volta Basin, revitalizing the Volta Basin Observatory as a tool for information, communication and decision support.

The visit was finalized by the signing of an « aide-mémoire » by the two parties. Each institution shall appoint a Focal Point for the follow-up and operationalization of the cooperation. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was also drafted which will be validated and endorsed by the higher authorities of the two institutions.

At the closing of this first work visit, the two parties expressed their satisfaction for the new-born cooperation and the commitment to ensure its operation as soon as possible.

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News date 27/10/2016